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Активный трейдинг
Active Trading
Банковские понятия
Валютная биржа форекс
Foreign Exchange
Жаргонные значения
Buzz Words
Закон и регулирование
Laws & Regulations
Капитализация и IPO
Venture Capital and IPOs
Real Estate & Property
Основы финансов и инвестиций
General Finance & Investing
Паевые фонды
Mutual Funds
Пенсионное планирование
Retirement Planning
Персональные финансы
Personal Finance
Технический анализ
Technical Analysis
Фундаментальный анализ
Fundamental Analysis
Хедж фонды
Hedge Funds
  • 12B-1 Fund

    A type of mutual fund that charges its holders 12B-1 fees instead of up-front or back-end commissions. 12B-1 funds take a portion of assets held and use…

  • Adjusted Closing Price

    A stock's closing price on any given day of trading that has been amended to include any distributions and corporate actions that occurred at any time…

  • Advisor Account

    A type of investment account where an investment advisor works closely with a client in formulating and implementing investment purchases and strategies…

  • Agency Broker

    A broker that acts as an agent to its clients. When acting as the agent, the agency broker must look after its clients' best interests, which involves…

  • Alternative Trading System - ATS

    A trading system that is not regulated as an exchange, but is a venue for matching the buy and sell orders of its subscribers. Alternative trading systems…

  • Analyst Sponsorship

    A positive endorsement that an analyst makes regarding a company's stock. Analyst sponsorship can change over time as new information is revealed. The…

  • Anti-Money Laundering - AML

    A set of procedures, laws or regulations designed to stop the practice of generating income through illegal actions. In most cases money launderers hide…

  • Approved List

    A list of pre-selected securities that are deemed fit for purchase by a mutual fund or the clients of a brokerage firm.In both cases, the intent is to…

  • Approved Participants

    Institutional investors who are allowed direct access to an exchange’s trading environment.  Approved participant status usually affords trade execution…

  • Arm's Length Market

    A financial market consisting of parties that have no relationship or contact with one another aside from the transaction at hand. In the United States…

  • At-The-Close Order

    An order specifying that a trade is to be executed at the close of the market, or as near to the closing price as possible. It's essentially a market…

  • Auction

    A system where potential buyers place competitive bids on assets and services. The asset or service in question will sell to the party that places the…

  • Automated Customer Account Transfer Service - ACATS

    A system that facilitates the transfer of securities from one trading account to another at a different brokerage firm or bank. The National Securities…

  • Available Funds

    Funds that are available to an account holder for withdrawal or other use. This may include funds from an overdraft facility or line of credit, as well…

  • Average Balance

    The balance on a loan or depositary account. A simple average balance is calculated by dividing the beginning balance plus the ending balance by two.A…

  • Average Ticket

    1. For credit card vendors, a business's average ticket refers to a way of computing the average size of its individual sales by credit card.2. For broker…

  • Bank Discount Basis

    A quoting convention used by financial institutions when quoting prices for fixed-income securities sold at a discount, particularly U.S. Government issues…

  • Basket Trade

    A single order to buy or sell a set of 15 or more securities. Basket trades are used by institutional investors or program traders to invest large amounts…

  • Batch Header Record

    A standard record of information regarding the transfer of a group of data (a batch), usually within the banking field. The batch header record contains…

  • Batch Trading

    A method of transacting different security orders that involves the accumulation of orders and their simultaneous execution. For example, a security…

  • Bearer Form

    A security not registered in the issuing corporation's books but that is payable to its bearer (the person possessing it). Securities can be issued in…

  • Below the Market

    An order to buy or sell a security at a price lower than the current market price. Investors may choose to place a limit order to buy, a stop order to…

  • Best Execution

    The responsibility of brokers to provide the most advantageous, or best price, order execution for customers.Basically, this is a precautionary measure…

  • Bid Wanted In Competition - BWIC

    A situation where an institutional investor submits its bond bid list to various securities dealers. In a bid-wanted-in-competition situation, the dealers…

  • Blanket Recommendation

    A situation in which a financial professional or institution sends a recommendation to all clients to buy or sell a particular security or product, regardless…

  • Blind Brokering

    When brokerage firms ensure anonymity to both the buyer and the seller in a transaction. In the ordinary course of securities trading, most brokerage…

  • Block

    A large amount of the same security bought or sold by institutional or other large investors. There is no official size designation constituting a block…

  • Block House

    A brokerage whose major concern is finding potential buyers and sellers of block trades. These guys deal with the big boys, not individual investors…

  • Block Trade

    An order/trade submitted for sale or purchase of a large quantity of securities. Also known as "Block Order". In general, 10,000 shares of stock (not…

  • Blocked Account

    An account that is subject to foreign exchange controls in a country that restricts the amount of its currency that can be transferred to other countries…

  • Board Lot

    A standardized number of shares defined by a stock exchange as a trading unit. In most cases, this means 100 shares. The purpose of a board lot is to…

  • Boiler Room

    A place where high-pressure salespeople use banks of telephones to call lists of potential investors (known as a "sucker lists") in order to peddle speculative…

  • Boutique

    A small investment firm specializing in offering specific, but limited services to a select number of individuals. These investment firms are the alternatives…

  • Broker

    1. An individual or firm that charges a fee or commission for executing buy and sell orders submitted by an investor. 2. The role of a firm when it acts…

  • Broker Association

    A permitted association between exchange members who have shared responsibility for the execution of orders placed by their customers. These members thereby…

  • Broker's Call

    The interest rate relative to which margin loans are quoted. Also known as the call loan rate. This rate is published daily in The Wall Street Journal…

  • Broker-Dealer

    A person or firm in the business of buying and selling securities operating as both a broker and a dealer depending on the transaction. Technically…

  • Broker-Reseller

    A type of broker that acts as an intermediary between large brokerages and their clients. Broker-resellers typically take stock orders from clients and…

  • Brokerage Account

    An arrangement between an investor and a licensed brokerage firm that allows the investor to deposit funds with the firm and place investment orders through…

  • Brokerage Company

    A business whose main responsibility is to be an intermediary that puts buyers and sellers together in order to facilitate a transaction. Brokerage companies…

  • Brokerage Fee

    A fee charged by an agent, or agent's company to facilitate transactions between buyers and sellers. The brokerage fee is charged for services such as…

  • Brokerage General Agent

    An independent firm or contractor working for an insurance company whose main function is to sell one or more insurance products to select insurance brokers…

  • Brokerage Supervisor

    A brokerage company employee who appoints, trains and manages brokers and who sells the company's products to those brokers, who then sell them to clients…

  • Brokerage Window

    The ability to direct trading within a brokerage's offering through a retirement plan such as a 401(k). As opposed to being limited to the investment…

  • Brokered Deposit

    A large-denomination deposit similar to a certificate of deposit. A brokered deposit is sold by a bank to a brokerage, which then divides it into smaller…

  • Bucket Shop

    1. A fraudulent brokerage firm that uses aggressive telephone sales tactics to sell securities that the brokerage owns and wants to get rid of. The securities…

  • Bucketing

    A situation where, in an attempt to make a short-term profit, a broker confirms an order to a client without actually executing it. A brokerage which…

  • Bullpen

    A slang term referring to the traditional seating arrangement of younger investment advisors or brokers in a brokerage house. Traditionally, younger…

  • Bunching

    The combining of odd-lot or round-lot orders for the same security so that they may be executed at the same time. Brokers cannot bunch orders together…

  • Buy Minus

    A type of order where a client instructs the broker to purchase a stock at a price below the current market price.An example is placing a buy order at…

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