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Активный трейдинг
Active Trading
Банковские понятия
Валютная биржа форекс
Foreign Exchange
Жаргонные значения
Buzz Words
Закон и регулирование
Laws & Regulations
Капитализация и IPO
Venture Capital and IPOs
Real Estate & Property
Основы финансов и инвестиций
General Finance & Investing
Паевые фонды
Mutual Funds
Пенсионное планирование
Retirement Planning
Персональные финансы
Personal Finance
Технический анализ
Technical Analysis
Фундаментальный анализ
Fundamental Analysis
Хедж фонды
Hedge Funds
  • Above Par

    A term used to describe the price of a security when it is trading above its face value. A security usually trades at above par when its income distributions…

  • Acid-Test Ratio

    A stringent test that indicates whether a firm has enough short-term assets to cover its immediate liabilities without selling inventory. The acid-test…

  • Advance/Decline Index

    A technical analysis tool that represents the total difference between the number of advancing and declining security prices. This index is considered…

  • After-Tax Profit Margin

    A financial performance ratio, calculated by dividing net income after taxes by net sales. A company's after-tax profit margin is important because it…

  • Annual Equivalent Rate - AER

    Interest that is calculated under the assumption that any interest paid is combined with the original balance and the next interest payment will be based…

  • Annual Percentage Yield - APY

    The effective annual rate of return taking into account the effect of compounding interest. APY is calculated by: The resultant percentage number assumes…

  • Antidilutive

    A term describing the effects of securities retirement, securities conversion or corporate actions (such as acquisitions made through the issuance of…

  • Arithmetic Index

    An index of securities that uses an arithmetic sum to determine changes in the index without taking the relative size of the securities into account…

  • Arms Index - TRIN

    A short-term technical analysis breadth indicator calculated as the following: TRIN stands for TRaders' INdex. A ratio of 1 means the market is in balance…

  • Asset Coverage Ratio

    A test that determines a company's ability to cover debt obligations with its assets after all liabilities have been satisfied. It is calculated as the…

  • Average Price

    1. A representative measure of a range of prices that is calculated by taking the sum of the values and dividing it by the number of prices being examined…

  • Back-End Ratio

    A ratio that indicates what portion of a person's monthly income goes toward paying debts. Total monthly debt includes expenses such as mortgage payments…

  • Batting Average

    A statistical measure used to measure an investment manager's ability to meet or beat an index. Batting average is calculated by dividing the number of…

  • Berry Ratio

    The ratio of a company's gross profits to operating expenses. This ratio is used as an indicator of a company's profits in a given period of time. A ratio…

  • Break-Even Analysis

    An analysis to determine the point at which revenue received equals the costs associated with receiving the revenue. Break-even analysis calculates what…

  • Capacity Utilization Rate

    A metric used to measure the rate at which potential output levels are being met or used. Displayed as a percentage, capacity utilization levels give…

  • Capital Asset Pricing Model - CAPM

    A model that describes the relationship between risk and expected return and that is used in the pricing of risky securities. The general idea behind…

  • Capitalization Of Earnings

    A method of determining the value of an organization by calculating the net present value (NPV) of expected future profits or cash flows. The capitalization…

  • Cash Asset Ratio

    The current value of marketable securities and cash, divided by the company's current liabilities. Also known as the cash ratio, the cash asset ratio…

  • Cash Distribution Per Unit - CDPU

    A measure, used in Canada, that refers to the amount of cash payments made to individual unitholders of a specified income trust, as designated by the…

  • Cash Earnings Per Share - Cash EPS

    A measure of financial performance that looks at the cash flow generated by a company on a per share basis. This differs from basic earnings per share…

  • Cash Flow After Taxes - CFAT

    A measure of financial performance that looks at the company's ability to generate cash flow through its operations. It is calculated by adding back non-cash…

  • Cash Flow Per Share

    A measure of a firm's financial strength, calculated as follows:Many analysts, as well as some of the greatest investors of all time, place more weight…

  • Cash Return On Capital Invested - CROCI

    A method of valuation that compares a company's cash return to its equity. Developed by the Deutsche Bank's global valuation group, CROCI provides analysts…

  • Coefficient Of Variation - CV

    A statistical measure of the dispersion of data points in a data series around the mean. It is calculated as follows: The coefficient of variation represents…

  • Combined Ratio

    A measure of profitability used by an insurance company to indicate how well it is performing in its daily operations. A ratio below 100% indicates that…

  • Commodity Channel Index - CCI

    An oscillator used in technical analysis to help determine when an investment vehicle has been overbought and oversold.  The Commodity Channel Index…

  • Commutation

    The right that a beneficiary has to exchange one type of income for another. Commutation is offered to beneficiaries of annuities and life insurance policies…

  • Commuted Value

    The present value of the future series of cash flows required to fulfill a pension obligation. Commuted value is therefore the net present value of a…

  • Compound Annual Growth Rate - CAGR

    The year-over-year growth rate of an investment over a specified period of time. The compound annual growth rate is calculated by taking the nth root…

  • Cost Of Equity

    In financial theory, the return that stockholders require for a company. The traditional formula for cost of equity (COE) is the dividend capitalization…

  • Cumulative Return

    The aggregate amount that an investment has gained or lost over time, independent of the period of time involved.  Presented as a percentage, the cumulative…

  • Days To Cover

    A measurement of a company's issued shares that are currently shorted, expressed as the number of days required to close out all of the short positions…

  • Days Working Capital

    An accounting and finance term used to describe how many days it will take for a company to convert its working capital into revenue. The faster a company…

  • Debt Ratio

    A ratio that indicates what proportion of debt a company has relative to its assets. The measure gives an idea to the leverage of the company along with…

  • Debt-To-Capital Ratio

    A measurement of a company's financial leverage, calculated as the company's debt divided by its total capital. Debt includes all short-term and long…

  • Debt/Equity Ratio

    A measure of a company's financial leverage calculated by dividing its total liabilities by stockholders' equity. It indicates what proportion of equity…

  • Defensive Interval Ratio

    An efficiency ratio that measures how many days a company can operate without having to access non-current (long-term) assets. The defensive interval…

  • Degree Of Combined Leverage - DCL

    A leverage ratio that summarizes the combined effect the degree of operating leverage (DOL), and the degree of financial leverage has on earnings per…

  • Degree Of Financial Leverage - DFL

    A leverage ratio summarizing the affect a particular amount of financial leverage has on a company's earnings per share (EPS). Financial leverage involves…

  • Degree Of Operating Leverage - DOL

    A type of leverage ratio summarizing the effect a particular amount of operating leverage has on a company's earnings before interest and taxes (EBIT)…

  • Discounted Payback Period

    A capital budgeting procedure used to determine the profitability of a project. In contrast to an NPV analysis, which provides the overall value of an…

  • Dividend Discount Model - DDM

    A procedure for valuing the price of a stock by using predicted dividends and discounting them back to present value. The idea is that if the value obtained…

  • Dividend Payout Ratio

    The percentage of earnings paid to shareholders in dividends.Calculated as: The payout ratio provides an idea of how well earnings support the dividend…

  • Down-Market Capture Ratio

    A statistical measure of an investment manager's overall performance in down-markets. The down-market capture ratio is used to evaluate how well or poorly…

  • Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation and Amortization - EBITDA

    An indicator of a company's financial performance which is calculated in the following EBITDA calculation: EBITDA is essentially Net Income with interest…

  • Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation, Amortization, and Restructuring or Rent Costs - EBITDAR

    A non-GAAP indicator of a company's financial performance calculated as:Depending on the company and the goal of the user, the indicator can either include…

  • Effective Annual Interest Rate

    An investment's annual rate of interest when compounding occurs more often than once a year. Calculated as the following: Consider a stated annual rate…

  • Embedded Value

    A common valuation measure used outside North America, particularly in the insurance industry. It is calculated by adding the adjusted net asset value…

  • Employment-To-Population Ratio

    A macroeconomic statistic that takes the ratio of the total working age of the labor force currently employed to the total working age population of a…

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