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Активный трейдинг
Active Trading
Банковские понятия
Валютная биржа форекс
Foreign Exchange
Жаргонные значения
Buzz Words
Закон и регулирование
Laws & Regulations
Капитализация и IPO
Venture Capital and IPOs
Real Estate & Property
Основы финансов и инвестиций
General Finance & Investing
Паевые фонды
Mutual Funds
Пенсионное планирование
Retirement Planning
Персональные финансы
Personal Finance
Технический анализ
Technical Analysis
Фундаментальный анализ
Fundamental Analysis
Хедж фонды
Hedge Funds
  • Cash Flow

    1. A revenue or expense stream that changes a cash account over a given period. Cash inflows usually arise from one of three activities - financing, operations…

  • Cash Flow After Taxes - CFAT

    A measure of financial performance that looks at the company's ability to generate cash flow through its operations. It is calculated by adding back non-cash…

  • Cash Flow from Financing Activities

    A category in the cash flow statement that accounts for external activities such as issuing cash dividends, adding or changing loans, or issuing and selling…

  • Cash Flow From Investing Activities

    An item on the cash flow statement that reports the aggregate change in a company's cash position resulting from any gains (or losses) from investments…

  • Cash Flow Loan

    Borrowing cash typically to meet day-to-day operations or acquisitions. Reasons for needing a cash flow loan could be seasonal-demand changes, business…

  • Cash Flow Per Share

    A measure of a firm's financial strength, calculated as follows:Many analysts, as well as some of the greatest investors of all time, place more weight…

  • Cash Flow Plans

    A method that an insured can use to control the premium payments that they must make on their policies. Cash flow plans allow the insured to coordinate…

  • Cash Flow Return on Investment - CFROI

    A valuation model that assumes the stock market sets prices based on cash flow, not on corporate performance and earnings. It's valuable to consider…

  • Cash Flow Statement

    One of the quarterly financial reports any publicly traded company is required to disclose to the SEC and the public. The document provides aggregate…

  • Cash Flow Underwriting

    A pricing tool used by insurance companies. Cash flow underwriting occurs when a given insurance product is priced below the rate of premium required…

  • Cash For Clunkers

    A program that allows car owners to trade in their old, less fuel-efficient vehicles in exchange for more fuel-efficient vehicles. Although commonly referred…

  • Cash Liquidation Distribution

    The amount of capital that is returned to the investor or business owner when a business is liquidated. Cash liquidation distributions are usually considered…

  • Cash Reserves

    In finance, cash reserves primarily refers to two things. One is a type of short-term, highly liquid investment that earns a low rate of return (perhaps…

  • Cash Return On Assets Ratio

    A ratio used to compare a businesses performance among other industry members. The ratio can be used internally by the company's analysts, or by potential…

  • Cash Return On Capital Invested - CROCI

    A method of valuation that compares a company's cash return to its equity. Developed by the Deutsche Bank's global valuation group, CROCI provides analysts…

  • Cash Transaction

    A transaction that is settled with cash on the same day as the trade. Settling a trade using the cash transaction method differs from settling a contract…

  • Cash Value Added - CVA

    A measure of the amount of cash generated by a company through its operations. It is computed by subtracting the 'operating cash flow demand' from the…

  • Cash Wages

    Cash wages include any kind of compensation that comes in the form of spendable money. Cash wages can include actual cash currency, any kind of check…

  • Cash-on-Cash Yield

    A comparative measure using the total amount of distributions paid upon an income trust divided by its market value. This is a measurement technique…

  • Casualty And Theft Losses

    Deductible losses stemming from the loss or destruction of the taxpayer's personal property. In order to be deductible, casualty losses must result from…

  • Catastrophe Futures

    Catastrophe futures are futures contracts traded on the Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT). These futures contracts are used by insurance companies to protect…

  • Certificate of Deposit Account Registry Service - CDARS

    A program that allows the public to spread money around various banks. The purpose of CDARS is to help people who invest in certificate of deposits or…

  • Certified Financial Statement

    A financial statement, such as an income statement, cash flow statement or balance sheet, that has been audited and signed off on by an accountant. Once…

  • Certified Management Accountant - CMA

    An accounting designation whose holder has formally demonstrated a mix of expertise in financial accounting and strategic management. This certification…

  • Certified Public Accountant - CPA

    A designation given by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants to those who pass an exam and meet work-experience requirements. For the…

  • Chain Store Sales

    An indicator that provides information on the monthly sales volumes from chain stores. Chain store sales, released on the first Thursday of the month…

  • Challenger Job-Cut Report

    A report, released monthly, that provides information on the number of announced corporate layoffs. The Challenger Job-Cut Report is produced by Challenger…

  • Channel Check

    A method of independent stock analysis whereby company information is supplied by third parties. Many times, when stock analysts provide ratings upon…

  • Channel Stuffing

    A deceptive business practice used by a company to inflate its sales and earnings figures by deliberately sending retailers along its distribution channel…

  • Charge-Off

    A term describing an expense on a company's income statement. A charge-off will fall under one of the following categories: 1. A debt that is deemed uncollectible…

  • Chartered Accountant (CA)

    An accounting designation given to accounting professionals in many countries around the world outside of the United States. A Chartered Accountant (CA)…

  • Chartered Asset Manager - CAM

    A professional designation offered by the American Academy of Financial Management (AAFM). The prerequisites for the Chartered Asset Manager (CAM) program…

  • Chartered Financial Consultant - ChFC

    A professional designation representing completion of a comprehensive course consisting of financial education, examinations and practical experience…

  • Chartered Portfolio Manager - CPM

    A professional designation offered by the American Academy of Financial Management (AAFM). The prerequisites for the Chartered Portfolio Manager (CPM)…

  • Chartered Wealth Manager - CWM

    A professional designation offered by the American Academy of Financial Management (AAFM). The prerequisites for the Chartered Wealth Manager (CWM) program…

  • Chasing Nickels Around Dollar Bills

    A slang term describing what a company's management does when it decides to trim small, trivial costs instead of cutting larger, more serious costs. All…

  • Chief Executive Officer - CEO

    The highest ranking executive in a company whose main responsibilities include developing and implementing high-level strategies, making major corporate…

  • Chief Investment Officer - CIO

    The executive position responsible for a company's investment portfolios. The chief investment officer (CIO) usually oversees a team of professionals…

  • Chief Operating Officer - COO

    The senior manager who is responsible for managing the company's day-to-day operations and reporting them to the chief executive officer (CEO). A company…

  • Child Support

    The monetary payments that are made from one ex-spouse to another after divorce proceedings have been finalized. The terms of child support are usually…

  • Circulating Capital

    The portion of an organization's investment that is continually used and replenished in ongoing operations. Circulating capital can consist of operating…

  • Civil Service Retirement System - CSRS

    A system that provided the retirement, disability and survivor benefits for most U.S. civilian service employees working for the federal government. It…

  • Classical Growth Theory

    A theory on economic growth that argues that economic growth will end because of an increasing population and limited resources. Classical Growth Theory…

  • Clean Balance Sheet

    Refers to a company whose balance sheet has very little or no debt. A company is told to "clean up" its balance sheet if they are exposed to large amounts of debt.

  • Close Period

    The time period between the completion of a company's balance sheet and the announcing of the results to the public. Typically occurring for the two…

  • Closed Corporation

    A business that is set up using a corporate business structure, but in which all the shares are held by a select few individuals who are usually closely…

  • Closed Fund

    A mutual fund that has been closed - either temporarily or permanently - to new investors because the investment advisor has determined that the fund…

  • Closing Entry

    A journal entry made at the end of the accounting period. The closing entry is used to transfer data in the temporary accounts to the permanent balance…

  • Clunker

    A popular reference to the old vehicle traded in under the U.S. government's "cash-for-clunkers" program, rolled out in 2009, for a newer more fuel efficient…

  • Co-Tenancy Clause

    A common clause in retail lease contracts that allows tenants to get a reduction in rent from landlords if key tenants or a certain number of tenants…

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