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Активный трейдинг
Active Trading
Банковские понятия
Валютная биржа форекс
Foreign Exchange
Жаргонные значения
Buzz Words
Закон и регулирование
Laws & Regulations
Капитализация и IPO
Venture Capital and IPOs
Real Estate & Property
Основы финансов и инвестиций
General Finance & Investing
Паевые фонды
Mutual Funds
Пенсионное планирование
Retirement Planning
Персональные финансы
Personal Finance
Технический анализ
Technical Analysis
Фундаментальный анализ
Fundamental Analysis
Хедж фонды
Hedge Funds
  • 10-K

    A comprehensive summary report of a company's performance that must be submitted annually to the Securities and Exchange Commission. Typically, the 10-K…

  • 100% Equities Strategy

    An investment strategy for an individual portfolio or pooled funds vehicle such as a mutual fund. Only equity securities are considered for investment…

  • 130-30 Strategy

    A strategy that uses financial leverage by shorting poor performing stocks and purchasing shares that are expected to have high returns. A 130-30 ratio…

  • 19c3 Stock

    Any stock listed on an equity exchange after April 26, 1979. This classification allowed members of exchanges to trade these stocks off the board (not…

  • 52-Week High/Low

    The highest and lowest price at which a stock has traded in the past 12 months, or 52 weeks. Many investors see the 52-week high or low as an important…

  • A - Акции класса "А"

    На бирже Nasdaq существуют различные спецификации акций, в частности символ "А" определяет класс "А" для акций компании. У зарегистрированных ценных бумаг…

  • A-Shares

    Shares in mainland China-based companies that trade on Chinese stock exchanges such as the Shanghai Stock Exchange and the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. A…

  • Abnormal Return

    A term used to describe the returns generated by a given security or portfolio over a period of time that is different from the expected rate of return…

  • Above The Market

    An order to buy or sell at a price set higher than the current market price of the security. Examples of above the market orders include: a limit order…

  • Absolute Priority

    A rule that stipulates the order of payment - creditors before shareholders - in the event of liquidation. The absolute priority rule is used in bankruptcies…

  • Accelerated Share Repurchase - ASR - Ускоренный выкуп акций

    Особый метод, посредством которого корпорация может выкупить акции своей компании. Ускоренный выкуп акций (ASR) обычно осуществляется путем приобретения…

  • Acceleration Covenant

    A clause included in certain debt securities and swap agreements stating that the immediate collection of payment and termination of contract will take…

  • Accommodation Trading

    A type of trading in which a trader accommodates another by entering into a non-competitive purchase or sale order. An accommodation trade is often executed…

  • Accounts Payable Turnover Ratio

    A short-term liquidity measure used to quantify the rate at which a company pays off its suppliers. Accounts payable turnover ratio is calculated by taking…

  • Accrued Dividend

    An accounting term referring to the balance sheet item that accounts for dividends that have been declared but not yet paid to shareholders. Accrued dividends…

  • Accumulated Earnings Tax

    A tax imposed by the federal government upon companies with retained earnings deemed to be unreasonable and in excess of what is considered ordinary…

  • Acquisition Loan

    A loan given to a company to purchase a specific asset or to be used for purposes that are laid out before the loan is granted. The acquisition loan is…

  • Acting In Concert

    A slang term for when parties undertake identical investment actions to achieve the same goal. Acting in concert requires the cooperation of people or…

  • Active Index Fund

    A type of index fund where a fund manager bases the fund's initial investment proportions according to the benchmark index in which the manager is attempting…

  • Actively Managed ETF

    An exchange-traded fund that has a manager or team making decisions on the underlying portfolio allocation or otherwise not following a passive investment…

  • Activity Ratio

    Accounting ratios that measure a firm's ability to convert different accounts within their balance sheets into cash or sales. Companies will typically…

  • Actual Return

    The actual gain or loss of an investor. This can be expressed in the following formula: expected return (ex-ante) plus the effect of firm-specific and…

  • Adjustable-Rate Preferred Stock - ARPS

    A type of preferred stock where the dividends issued will vary with a benchmark, most often a T-bill rate. The value of the dividend from the preferred…

  • Adjusted Debit Balance

    The amount of money owed by a customer to his/her broker after paper profits and losses are taken into consideration. This value is calculated by subtracting…

  • Adjustment in Conversion Terms

    A term used to describe the adjustment made to a convertible securities' conversion factor when the exchangeable stock underlying the convertible undergoes…

  • Advance Commitment

    A promise or agreement to take some future action. For example, a promise by a buyer to purchase goods at a price set beforehand is an advance commitment…

  • Affidavit Of Loss

    A written statement declaring the physical loss of a security - usually through theft or destruction by fire/flood. The affidavit contains all details…

  • Affirmative Obligation

    An obligation of NYSE specialists to enter the market on a particular security (either by posting or bidding and ask) when there is not sufficient market…

  • After-Hours Market Close

    The last transaction and final price of a security that is traded in the after-hours market. The after-hours market is generally more volatile than the…

  • After-Hours Trading - AHT

    Trading after regular trading hours on the major exchanges. Also known as the "after-hours market". This was once reserved for institutional investors…

  • After-Market Performance

    The price level performance of a newly issued stock after its IPO. There is no standard ending time period that is considered, but after-market performance…

  • Agency Cost Of Debt

    A problem arising from the conflict of interested created by the separation of management from ownership (the stockholders) in a publicly owned company…

  • Agency Costs

    A type of internal cost that arises from, or must be paid to, an agent acting on behalf of a principal. Agency costs arise because of core problems such…

  • Agency Cross

    A trade that has only one agent acting for the buyer and seller. Also known as Dual Agency. Agency crosses occur when a broker receives perfectly offsetting…

  • All Or None - AON

    A condition used on a buy or sell order to instruct the broker to fill the order completely or not at all. If there is insufficient supply to meet the…

  • All-Holders Rule

    An SEC regulation that requires tender offers to be available to all holders of the identical class of the security. For example, if company ABC has…

  • All-Ordinaries Stock Index

    A stock index comprised of common shares from the Australian Stock Exchange. The All-Ordinaries Index is the most quoted benchmark for Australian equities…

  • Allied Member

    A person who is not a member of the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) but is an officer or voting shareholder of a firm with a membership. Allied members…

  • Alpha

    1. A measure of performance on a risk-adjusted basis. Alpha takes the volatility (price risk) of a mutual fund and compares its risk-adjusted performance…

  • Alpha Generator

    Any security that, when added to an existing portfolio of assets, generates excess returns or returns higher than a pre-selected benchmark without additional…

  • Alphabet Rounds

    The early rounds of funding for a startup company, which get their name because the first is known as Series A financing, followed by Series B financing…

  • Alternative Energy ETF

    An exchange-traded fund that invests in companies engaged in industries serving alternative energy production and research. Some companies found within…

  • American Depositary Receipt - ADR

    A negotiable certificate issued by a U.S. bank representing a specified number of shares (or one share) in a foreign stock that is traded on a U.S. exchange…

  • American Depositary Share - ADS

    A U.S. dollar-denominated equity share of a foreign-based company available for purchase on an American stock exchange. American Depositary Shares (ADSs)…

  • Amsterdam Stock Exchange (AEX) .AS

    Founded in the early 1600s with the founding of the Dutch East India Company (VOC), whose shares are considered the oldest in the world. In September…

  • Andersen Effect

    A reference to auditors performing more careful due diligence when auditing companies, in order to prevent accounting errors. This extra level of accounting…

  • Angelina Jolie Stock Index

    An index made up of a selection of stocks from companies associated with actress Angela Jolie. Seen as one of the world's most influential celebrities…

  • Ankle Biter

    Stock issues with a market capitalization of less than $500 million. Also known as "small cap" stocks.  These issues can appear to be more speculative…

  • Annapurna Option

    A form of option contract from the "mountain range" series of exotic options. Annapurna options offer a combination of a fixed coupon rate and participation…

  • Announcement Effect

    The impact on markets from the news that a change will occur at some future date. It can be used as a general term for the reaction to any development…

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